BlogThere are always options.

There are always options.

When it comes to choosing a path, there are always options. One can go it alone, one can ask for directions, one can randomly choose a direction and simply keep going. One will surely end up somewhere if they simply persevere and keep on going. The choice should not be about the path itself, but about the journey because that’s all that matters.

If you want to take a long walk because you feel like walking – does the destination matter? If you are hungry and need to eat, does the length of the travel matter? And that’s the main consideration when it comes to expanding your business, or even starting one. What is it that you want, and how do you want to achieve it? Sadly, the most common answer of “a lot of money, as quickly as possible” is not a real-life strategy and definitely not a realistic one at that. Try hard, work harder, be smart – yes, but one also needs to be lucky as well as all that. If you are not in the right place at the right time, then your chances of success diminishes greatly.

And that’s where a PR company comes in. When it’s all about process of elimination and risk management, knowing what might happen is more valuable than a good product or a good idea. What you don’t know and don’t anticipate is the problem; the known knowns are perfectly within reach to be dealt with. The difference between a solid business strategy and a shaky one is the former tries to identify as many pitfalls and problems as early on as possible and has plans to deal with them. If you are developing a wall, you must know what that wall is going to be used for so that you can prepare the foundation correctly, choose the right materials and decide on the construction method. If you think you can figure that out while you are in motion – that will be a problem that may not be fixed when the time comes for you to fix it.

So choose wisely and do work with a PR firm. Understand your targeted market. Understand your strengths, your weaknesses – define short term and reachable goals to validate your idea, your product. Take small steps and build upon the previous one – iterate fast but iterate well.

At Kayke we believe in moving steady and in solid steps. So that if our last step fails, we land back on a solid place and not slide all the way down to the beginning. We take our time with our clients and investigate all possible options and come up with a marketing strategy that we test regularly. We work with consultants and business partners that we trust and respect. We believe in strength in numbers. We invest in people and relationships where good ideas flourish and integrity is the foundation.

We are Kayke, come work with us.