About Kayke

About Kayke

Kayke's story begins with our founding fellow, I. Cem Onur (aka Jim Onur).

Mr Onur started his professional journey in the summer of 1995 when he became the lead of the newly founded Mediaccess Multimedia Lab. of the University of Mimar Sinan in Istanbul where he was studying architecture. That journey lead him to many firsts in the history of Turkey’s and Europe’s Internet: 

  • the first online museum of Turkey, 4th in Europe (Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture)
  • the first semi-online e-commerce web site project (Remzi Kitabevi)
  • the first real-time creditcard transaction and the first true e-commerce site in Turkey (Spectrum Office Superstore) also the 7th 100% SET compliant e-commerce platform in Europe
  • the first virtual branch for online stock trading (Ata Yatirim) and implemented more than half a dozen virtual branch web applications in the following years
  • the first real-time updated database driven web site of a major newspaper (Dunya Gazetesi) and many more firsts in his field 

Having thrived in the era that lead to the .com boom. – and eventually the .com burst – Mr. Onur had a unique opportunity to engage businesses from different verticals and approach them with a business process re-engineering mindset to adopt the fast growing brand new world of Online Commerce, Trading and Information Exchange platforms. 

In 2002, Mr. Onur carried this experience over to United States where he designed and developed the platform of a startup which imported goods from Turkey to sell in the United States first and ended up being the #1 rated ethnic shopping site in the world in 3 years (tulumba.com)

After that, he worked with the #1 architectural visualization firm in the United States (dbox.com) and then moved on to Wall Street where he worked as the Director of Information Technology of a hedgefund for 8 years (One William Street Capital). 

Between 2016 and 2020 he worked with startups in the New York scene and helped them with business strategy & analysis, user interface and user experience projects as partner in Wildcard LLC – a boutique full-service development agency. 

During the Covid19 era Mr. Onur co-founded an operation to help foreign investors become part of US business market and engage in e-commerce (AmazinGroup) and that platform grew to become a million dollar operation.

With Kayke Mr. Onur is bringing his experience of over 35 years and his business acumen to his clients.